Extract valuable information from unstructured text and documents

Your next generation A.I business solution, that reads contracts and gives advice before you sign, Save your time and reduce risks.

What makes Oshun different ?

Negotiate contracts without any pain. Oshun solves many pre-signed contract problems organisations phase, It gives in-context advice and reads contracts. 


Reduce your contract review time by 80% 

Train the model quickly without training and no AI expertise needed with fast results!


Act consistenty according to your accepted standards

Acurately extract and classify provisions

Save money

SMEs define extraction targets, upload documents and start the training system to automatically perform extractions withou an AI expert or  legal advisor anymore

“Contract review automation will change how we as organisations and legal in-house lawyers will do our work for good”.

Mr. Krak – lawyer

Challenges for your legal team

Don’t let anything distract you from what you do best, the rest can be automated


Focus on strategic issues instead of mundane tasks


Focus on growth and reduce risk


Keep review guidelines up to date consistently

How it works

 Our pre-trained model will provide you with suggestions for improvements. You stay in controll we only assist

Compare or Analyse contracts

1. Upload

Upload contract/send it by mail

2. Scan

Our pre-trained model will flags issues based on your review guidelines


We give suggestions for improvement according to those guidelines


You can accept/refuse these suggestions so you are always in controll


In the end your reviewed contract can be downloaded in word of pdf

Get early access

Add Oshun to your document software or use Oshun as a stand alone platform, Sign up and we will help you out with the setup.